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SMETA is the most used audit in the world. Companies use SMETA to understand and improve working conditions and environmental performance in their business and supply chain.

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SMETA benefits for your business

SMETA reviews have given countless companies confidence that they are collaborating with suppliers committed to sustainability.
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Greater visibility

Expand your understanding of the social and environmental performance of your company and its suppliers.

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Prioritize high risks

Evaluate and continuously monitor the performance of suppliers most susceptible to risks.

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Efficient audit

Information can be shared with multiple buyers, decreasing the need to compile a large number of audits.

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Comply with legislation

SMETA revisions simplify compliance with current laws and those that may arise in the future.


SMETA 2-pillar audits are governed by the standards contained in the ETI code base. SMETA 4-pillar audits add broader business practice and environmental management requirements. Reporting can be done through the Sedex database, depending on your requirements. Typically, eligible sites complete a self-assessment before audits begin. Request a pre-audit information package when applying.


Sedex is one of the world's leading providers of ethical trading services, working to improve working conditions in global supply chains. Sedex provides practical tools, services and a community network to help companies improve their responsible and sustainable business practices and source responsibly.

Why get certified with us?

Control Union Certifications is an Affiliated Audit Company (AAC) of Sedex. Sedex hosts one of the world's leading collaborative platforms for buyers and suppliers to store, share and report on ethical and social audit information quickly and easily.

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At Control Union, a leader in inspection and certification, we promote excellence in audits and sustainability. We are looking for SMETA auditors to improve global practices.


The principles of Organic Production covered respect for ecosystems and animals, maintenance of biodiversity and conservation of soils, avoidance of synthetic chemical inputs, and ban to use genetically modified organisms.

Organic is a term (also known as Ecological or Biological) that indicates that the food or other agricultural products have been produced and are certified according to an Organic Standard.

Organic Production Standards are mainly formulated as National Regulations, such as the European Union Regulation 2018/848, and the United States of America National Organic Program (NOP-USDA). There are also some private organic standards that “complement” the national ones, such as Bio Suisse (Swiss market) and Krav (Swedish market).

In general, any business directly involved in the production, processing, handling, and trading of an organic product can be certified.

Control Union offers the certification service for the most recognized organic Standards worldwide. With more than 250 organic experts, we are ready to support you to reach your goals.


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Brazil Organic

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BIO Suisse

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INPUTS For Organic Farming

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JAS Organic

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Global GAP

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Primus GFS

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Rainforest Alliance

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Fair Trade USA

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CU Vegan Production

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CU Non-GMO Production

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CU Plant-Base Certified

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C.A.F.E Practices

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