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There may be many reasons for why you want to become certified. It may be because you want to demonstrate to the world that your products, processes, services, or organization is of a certain level. Or you may require certification in order to enter into a certain market or because your customers ask you to become certified.

No matter what your reason is, Control Union is best suited to assist you in your goal. As the leading company in certification and verification services, our team has a global perspective and local expertise.

With more than a decade working with the textile industry, Control Union has partnered with many companies to meet their sustainability challenges head-on. We are your trusted partner.

Our Textile Certifications Programs

Our Textile Verifications Programs

How to get started

Request a textile certification or verification

The first step is to contact us at textileamericas@controlunion.com, where we will be able to set up a call to directly discuss the specific nature of your certification needs. You can also click the following link Control Union Certifications - Textile Application Form to begin the application process for GOTS, GRS, OCS, RCS, CCS. For the RWS, RDS, RAS and RMS please contact us, and we can send you a separate application form to be filled and returned to us.

The verification programs will include an application process.

Receive the offer letter

Once we have your application(s), we will provide you with an offer letter that will indicate the price and scope of your certification.

Accept and get your audit plan

Upon accepting and signing, we will contact you about setting up dates for your audit. Once an auditor is assigned to your audit, an agenda and audit plan will be sent to prepare for your audit. At the close of your audit, the auditor will indicate if any non-compliances have been found and agree to the deadlines of the corrective actions.

Audit review

Your audit results will be reviewed by a secondary person, called the certifier, who ultimately decides whether certification will be granted. If you had corrective actions to approach, these need to be sent in for the review process to begin.

Get your Certification / Get your attestation or score that has been reported.

If the results have been approved, you will be contacted to receive your certification. If the results were not satisfactory, you will need to submit your corrective actions within the agreed time frame or pause your certification until such time as you are ready.

If results are not satisfactory, you will be required to wait a period of time to begin the process again.

About us

Control Union Certifications is one of the divisions of the Peterson Control Union Group. We offer numerous certification programs across more than 80 countries.

Some programs are accredited 3rd party certification programs while others are unaccredited verification programs to verify compliance. With more than a decade working with the textile industry, Control Union has partnered with many companies to meet their sustainability challenges head-on. For example, in the mid-2000s we developed the Global Recycle Standard (GRS) to meet the growing misuse of using virgin PET bottles claimed to be recycled PET. Another example was the development, together with one of the global brand leaders in the outdoor industry, of the Responsible Down Standard (RDS) which has now become the industry standard for down feathers.

We offer auditing and certification services worldwide, encompassing many different sustainable materials such as organic cotton fibers to recycled polyester. In addition, we have begun to offer HIGG verifications to suppliers seeking to have their assessments.

If you require a certification or verification for other programs that do not belong to the textile industry, please visit our Global site´s Certifications page to view our complete service offer https://certifications.controlunion.com/


How long does it typically take from start to finish when requesting textile certifications?

The process will vary depending on several factors, these include how many sites and products will need to be included in your audit (called the scope), how long it takes you to close (if any) non-compliances, and the availability of auditor(s). However, to provide some idea it can be range from 3 to 4 months.

How much does it cost?

The price will be determined by the local office in your region/country. This is determined by what is included in your audit, i.e.: number of sites and processes.

How long is my certificate valid for?

Certificates have a validity of one year and can be easily renewed. If there are any changes to your scope during the year, you need to notify your local office so that they can determine whether an additional assessment is needed. Your local office will contact you in the months prior to your next audit to ask if there are any changes to your audit scope.

Can I make changes during the year to my textile certification?

Yes, you can make changes to your certification however you need to inform your local office before any new sites, processes or products are added. The local office will determine if an additional assessment (desk review or on-site audit) is needed. Costs will be incurred to make changes to your certificate.

Will I be able to request Transaction Certificates?

Yes, once you are certified and have received your certificate, you will have access to request transaction certificates. You will have an online account which will enable you to request transaction certificates.

Are there costs for the transaction certificates?

Yes, there are fees associated with requesting a TC. The fees will vary by region/country. Please note that the issuance of TCs will take several days. Your local office can assist you as to the timing of issuance.