Why choose us as your certifying agent?

We offer a combination of experience, credibility, convenience and focus on sustainability that makes it your best option to become certified.
About Control Union

With its base in agriculture, Control Union Certifications has focused its efforts on developing services around the sustainability of industry supply chains feeding the markets for food, feed, forestry, biomass, bioenergy, social compliance and textiles.

In 2020 we celebrate Control Union completing 100 years of being in business and making a difference in the world. We were honored and privileged with a royal appointment from the Dutch monarch, King Willem-Alexander, to mark our 100-year celebration of business.

The Royal Designation is a distinction that can be awarded to companies to symbolize respect, appreciation and trust towards the recipient. Not all companies are considered for the Royal Designation, and it is not an award that is automatically given to companies that celebrate 100 years of business.

What makes us different?

Whatever the reason for your certification, from Control Union, with our excellent knowledge in the verification of the sustainability of biomass and biofuels, we can help you meet your objective.

As a company specialized in certification and verification services, our team has a global perspective throughout the entire supply chain of this type of certification and local experience, being located in more than 80 countries. Control Union has partnered with many companies to address their sustainability challenges. We are your trusted partner.

Our objective is to help you choose the most appropriate certification, as well as to provide you with relevant training days that facilitate a better knowledge and understanding of certification requirements through our courses and training.