In this FAQ section, we provide clear and concise answers to the most common questions about textile certifications.

Yes, you can make changes to your certification however you need to inform your local office before any new sites, processes or products are added. The local office will determine if an additional assessment (desk review or on-site audit) is needed. Costs will be incurred to make changes to your certificate.

Yes, one you are certified and receive your certificate, you will have access to request transaction certificates. You will have an online account which will enable you to request transaction certificates.

The process will vary depending on several factors, these include how many sites and products will need to be included in your audit (called the scope), how long it takes you to close (if any) non-compliances, and the availability of auditor(s). However, to provide some idea it can be range from 3 to 4 months.

Certificates have a validity of one year and can be easily renewed. If there are any changes to your scope during the year, you need to notify your local office so that they can determine whether an additional assessment is needed. Your local office will contact you in the months prior to your next audit to ask if there are any changes to your audit scope.

Yes, there are fees associated with requesting a TC. The fees will vary by region/country and by organic standard. Please note that the issuance of TCs will take in average 3-5 days. Your local office can assist you as to the timing of issuance. We also provide expedited services for the issuance of TCs.
The price will be determined by the local office in your region/country. This is determined by what is included in your audit, i.e.: number of sites, products, and processes.